About Ralph Seland

Ralph Seland worked for many years on a phone crisis line and was known for the one to handle the difficult cases, such as suicide. Only God knows how many suicides he prevented. He is also an avid gardener and photographer. You are welcome to visit The Seland Home Page.

Bisexual – Somewhere in the Middle

Although most men identify themselves as straight, some will say that they are gay, and there are a others who would rather be called “bi.” I have trouble with these labels, for I am not sure whether a person is talking about orientation or actions. Instead of representing human sexuality as three separate boxes, I … Continue reading –>

Can We Depend on Media Reports?

Gay marriage has been accepted in Canada since July, 2005. From media reports, one would think that probably ten or fifteen percent of marriages in Canada were between people of the same sex. Statistics Canada (2006) listed six out of a thousand marriages as being between same sex couples. That is just over one-half of … Continue reading –>