Can We Depend on Media Reports?

Gay marriage has been accepted in Canada since July, 2005. From media reports, one would think that probably ten or fifteen percent of marriages in Canada were between people of the same sex. Statistics Canada (2006) listed six out of a thousand marriages as being between same sex couples. That is just over one-half of one percent.

People tell me that in Social Media such as Facebook, being gay is cool. If this is the case, my guess is that many people who register as either gay or bi are just doing it as a stunt and do not realize the implications of putting themselves into a box. Could it be a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Just for discussion’s sake, let’s say that about half the population is straight, A low percentage is gay and the rest cover a wide spectrum between. For the latter group, would sexual encounters skew their thinking? Because it felt good, could a person identify himself/herself incorrectly? Could incorrect labeling be a self-fulfilling prophecy?

What are your thoughts?

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