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By changing to a blog structure, we have made it easier for you, our readers to contribute.

You may, of course, comment on any post, as on most other blogs.

On any page with summaries, you can just click on the line above any post that indicates the number of comments, such as “3 Comments” or “0 Comments.” This will take you to a comment form.

When you are on the page for a full blog post, you will see a comment form at the bottom of the post.

You will be asked for your name and email address, and you can use any name you please. We suggest that you use your correct email address. It will be visible only to the administrative staff and not to the public, and we don’t sell it or share it with anyone. We won’t be able to tell if you give us your correct email address, and you won’t be notified of any responses to your comment.

You may edit any comments you have made for 12 hours. After that, you will have to register as an “author” to be able to edit your comments. Please avoid significant edits to comments after someone has replied to them.

I’m looking forward to your comments. 🙂


How to Comment on a Post — 2 Comments

  1. God doesn’t hate anyone, God is everything, everywhere and we are all expressions of the possibilities that exist, as nothing exists without God already having created it, because there is nothing of itself and nothing can be without God. However, that doesn’t mean that all things are acceptable to God, God is conscious of good and evil, and that is why good and evil exist. Everything that God is conscious of already exists. There is good and there is evil, all possibilities of what can be already exists. This is why God sent Christ as the atonement for that which is evil. Through Christ the evil nature is forgiven and Christ provides us with an example of how we can overcome the evil side of our nature. God isn’t saying that it’s OK to be homosexual, he wants us to put aside the evil nature and move into the light knowing righteousness and abolishing abominations such as pride, lying, false accusations, causing dissension, sexual immorality, murder, hatred, prejudice, envy, and so on. Gay is not OK, and in the same light if I’m committing adultery and saying I’m a Christian, than I’m just as much a hypocrite as the person who says they’re a gay Christian. Sin is sin, there is no justification for it, no excuse for it, no trying to hide it or mellowing it out. Take it to God, not to man for your forgiveness. Why in the hell do you think Christ died for you? So you could continuing sinning? May it never be, wake up. If you truly know why Christ died for you, then you will know in your heart what is true. The name of God is written in your heart, so if you deny the truth within you, you will destroy yourself, and that’s not why Christ died for you, Christ died to save you. As he said,”Go and sin no more”.

  2. You wrote, “God isn’t saying that it’s OK to be homosexual, he wants us to put aside the evil nature and move into the light.”

    Your statement is assuming that being “homosexual” is a choice, but if you knew a number of gay people, you would soon realize that that is not true for most gay people. They are as naturally attracted to the same sex as you are presumably attracted to the opposite sex.

    Now, let me ask you a question: Is it a sin for you to find a man attractive, even if you are not married to him? If that’s not a sin, then attraction is not sin.

    It is sin to violate God’s design for human sexuality – the bonding of one man and one woman in the life-long covenant of marriage.

    If you think about that a little, you’ll soon realize that a far greater number of heterosexuals violate that design than do gay people.

    Let me suggest another thing to you: It is possible to have a homosexual orientation without being sexually active OR even being active in a heterosexual married relationship. So it seems to me that the issue is not homosexuality, but what we do with our sexual orientation.


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