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The Cross

by Jeff 

I woke up this morning once again alone 
I find myself empty and aching 
For a human touch, a man's touch, a touch forbidden 
Once again I want to throw You away, to go another path 
But again I cling to Your promise and take up this cross.  

          How much longer, and for what purpose do I bear this load? 
          The pain and weight seem to go on forever, without hope 
          Beloved Savior, why me? I would gladly trade other men 
          Exchange my cross for theirs - A bargain to trade my burden 
          For lust, alcoholism, depression, anger... anything.  

Yet my Sovereign and compassionate Redeemer, 
Something tells me that You have hand-picked me and my cross 
Like You hand picked Your disciples, and the rich man's challenge 
You spared me anger, poverty, abuse and many more crosses 
But knowing this does not make this burden any lighter.  

          It doesn't seem right, that one seeking You with all his heart 
          Should still bear this burden, yet as I look I see hints 
          Of a deeper plan, a path You've already walked... 
               Pain to teach compassion; 
                    Failure to bring patience; 
                       Sorrows to birth empathy; 
                          Disappointment to nurture enduring faith; 
                               And brokenness to bring me on my knees to You.   

And despite these trials You are faithful, 
Through the loneliness You've been by my side, 
I've been tempted, but not beyond my ability to fight 
Knocked down but helped to get back up 
Shaped and molded through pain, but not broken beyond healing 
And through this journey, made more like You.  

          So I thank You Lord for this cross. 

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