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Danny’s Quilt

Photo of Danny's Quilt
One of the sub-themes of
My Son, Beloved Stranger is "quilts."

The book opens with a scene of Kate making a quilt for Danny and Angela’s wedding present. Later she sadly folds the unfinished quilt, a symbol of her broken dreams, and packs it away. Months later, as she sits in the choir loft staring at the beautiful stained glass window on the back wall of the church, she is inspired to make Danny another quilt, to symbolize her belief that his life is still beautiful.

When she attends an AIDS Conference she hears about ‘The AIDS Quilt Project,’ made up of three by six-foot panels each representing someone who has died of AIDS, and views the Kinship Quilt, commemorating Adventists who have died of AIDS. A few months later, at the San Francisco airport, she notices 3x6-foot panels hanging from the ceiling and is overcome with grief as she realizes they are a part of the AIDS Quilt being displayed there.

The book ends as Kate gives Danny his quilt at a family Christmas celebration. This is a picture of that quilt.

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